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    A clock that writes the time.

    This is so unnecessary I’ll take 20

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    yet another unrealistic standard for women

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    I hope everyone gets to spend some quality time outdoors this weekend

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    Alone I sit and alone I’ve been.
    Alone I feel while the storm rolls in.
    Alone I am and alone I’ll stay.
    Alone I’ll be ‘til you come back some day.

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    Kirsch, a golden lab service dog, graduated with an honorary Master’s of Science in Counselling degree from John Hopkins University. How you ask? Kirsch attended the school with his owner Carlos and sat through every one of his classes. So when Carlos graduated this past May, so did Kirsch. He even go his own cap and gown, fitting in nicely with the rest of the graduates.

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    Paris, France | by: [Anthony Gelot]

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    Oliver Peake: Japanese Bed

    "This was an interesting commission. The client wanted an entirely sunken bed with hidden storage and invisible heating! We couldn’t go down as it was on the first floor so we raised it up. A simple solution elegantly executed, the floor lifts up to reveal storage ‘bins’ with a matching stepped drawer unit."


    Solid maple throughout.

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    Minimalist split wood lights and sculptures by Split Grain


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