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    Johan van der Gugten Porsche 911. Liking that decklid grille treatment a lot…

    Looks perfect !

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    House in Balsthal by Pascal Flammer | via

    Pascal Flammer created this timber house in Balsthal. There are two principal floors; one set 75 cm below the earth, one 1.50 m above. The ground floor consists of one single family room with a noticeably low horizontal ceiling. In this space there is a physical connection with the nature outside the continuous windows.

    The space above is the inverse. This floor is divided into four equal rooms with 6m high ceilings. The height defines the space. Large windows open to composed views of the wheat field. Whereas the ground floor is about connecting with the visceral nature of the context, the floor above is about observing nature – a more distant and cerebral activity.

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    Toproof view.


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    Cantilevered side chair, model no. 21 by Alvar Aalto, Manufactured by Finmar, 1933

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    Visiting the Vibrant, Colorful Cityscape Of Willemstad, Curaçao

    For more vivid landscapes and architecture from the island of Curaçao, explore the Willemstad location page.

    One of the first things visitors notice about Willemstad, the capitol of Curaçao, is its brightly colored houses. The Dutch-influenced architecture reflects the colonial history of the tiny island nation, located in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela.

    “The landscape and the people who live in this city are as diverse as they come,” says Gaby Lieuw (@sandandstilettos), who grew up in Curaçao and currently runs a travel service for tourists to the island. “Many people speak at least four languages fluently—Dutch, English, Spanish and the local language of Papiamento—and switch between them effortlessly throughout the day.”

    According to Gaby, large music festivals are a defining feature of Willemstad, ranging from traditional tumba music to Bruno Mars. But one of the most memorable events that takes over the city center is Curaçao Pride, a celebration of LGBT community which runs from September 24 to 28. Visitors flock to Willemstad from all over the world to participate.

    “Pride events on the island are getting bigger and better every year,” says Gaby. “Curaçaoans always know how to throw a good party.”

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    Jared Atkins
    Seattle, WA
    Canon 5D Mark II

    Can you give any advice on location hunting for landscape photography?

    I typically start out by browsing through my Instagram and Tumblr feeds. Once I find a place that looks interesting I’ll start to dig a little deeper by searching through images based on that location. If it looks like a place that I think is worth checking out I’ll start planning how to get there.

    Tumblr: @jaredatkinsphoto
    Flickr: @jaredatkinsphotography
    Instagram: @jaredatkins_


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    Camp dinner done right with spice-rubbed grilled steaks, sweet corn and bacon-y potato salad.

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    Alaska-born photographer Acacia Johnson's Polaris depicts the northern lands of Alaska and Iceland in a series of moody, atmospheric photos. With a profound connection to the Far North’s otherworldly terrains, Johnson—who describes her photographic process as “expeditionary in nature”—captures stunning images of untamed wilderness.

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