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    Arial shot of leopard sharks in La Jolla

    [x][x] by Birch Aquarium at Scripps

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    Photograph by 

    Bernhard Edmaier

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  13. I Am A Food Blog Gets Recipes Right With Stunning Photos and Spot-On Type
    Bobby Solomon, thefoxisblack.com

    I find it rare to come across a good food site that doesn’t look like a stock blog template or is filled with nothing but hokey desert recipes (I have a savory palette).That’s why it’s exciting to come across a site like I Am A Food Blog, the pass…

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  14. Elle Chair – Elegant Interior Design by John Niero
    Dirk Petzold, weandthecolor.com

    The elegant and modern design of the Elle chair by John Niero.John Niero is a Los Angeles, California based designer working in the fields of product and interior design. His beautifully designed Elle chair received several awards including the…

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